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April 2008
What Effect Does Free Trade in Agriculture Have on Developing Country Populations Around the World?
Jacinto F. Fabiosa
[08-WP 466]

June 2006
U.S. Sugar Policy Options and Their Consequences under NAFTA and Doha
David Abler, John C. Beghin, David Blandford, Amani Elobeid
[06-WP 424]

December 2005
U.S. Proposal for WTO Agriculture Negotiations: Its Impact on U.S. and World Agriculture
[05-WP 417]

September 2005
Multilateral Trade and Agricultural Policy Reforms in Sugar Markets
Amani Elobeid, John C. Beghin
[04-WP 356]

April 2005
Impact of Ownership Structure on the Performance of China’s Feed Mill Sector, The
Jacinto F. Fabiosa
[05-MRP 10]

November 2004
Rethinking Agricultural Domestic Support under the World Trade Organization
Chad E. Hart, John C. Beghin
[04-BP 43]

September 2004
Global Agricultural Liberalization: An In-Depth Assessment of What Is At Stake
Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, John C. Beghin
[04-WP 370]

December 2003
State Trading Enterprises in a Differentiated Environment: The Case of Global Malting Barley Markets
Fengxia Dong, Thomas L. Marsh, Kyle W. Stiegert
[03-WP 350]

November 2003
Groundnut Trade Liberalization: A South-South Debate?
John C. Beghin, Holger Matthey, Ndiame Diop, Mirvat Sewadeh
[03-WP 347]

September 2003
Modeling Tariff Rate Quotas in a Global Context: The Case of Sugar Markets in OECD Countries
Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, John C. Beghin, Don Mitchell
[03-WP 343]

July 2003
Agricultural Trade and the Doha Round: Lessons from Commodity Studies
John C. Beghin, Ataman Aksoy
[03-BP 42]

June 2003
Analysis of the Proposed Doha Round Modalities, An
FAPRI Staff, Bruce A. Babcock, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Holger Matthey, Murat Isik, Simla Tokgoz, Amani Elobeid, Chad E. Hart, Frank H. Fuller, Seth Meyer
[03-SR 98]

May 2003
Modeling World Peanut Product Markets: A Tool for Agricultural Trade Policy Analysis
John C. Beghin, Holger Matthey
[03-WP 332]

January 2003
China’s Cotton Policy and the Impact of China’s WTO Accession and Bt Cotton Adoption on the Chinese and U.S. Cotton Sectors
Cheng Fang, Bruce A. Babcock
[03-WP 322]

November 2002
Doha Round of the World Trade Organization: Appraising Further Liberalization of Agricultural Markets, The
Bruce A. Babcock, John C. Beghin, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Stephane De Cara, Amani Elobeid, Cheng Fang, Chad E. Hart, Murat Isik, Holger Matthey, Alexander E. Saak, Karen Kovarik, FAPRI Staff
[02-WP 317]

August 2002
Does the U.S. Midwest Have a Cost Advantage Over China in Producing Corn, Soybeans, and Hogs?
Cheng Fang, Jacinto F. Fabiosa
[02-MRP 4]

June 2002
Global Agricultural Trade and the Doha Round: What are the Implications for North and South?
John C. Beghin, David Roland-Holst, Dominique van der Mensbrugghe
[02-WP 308]

February 2002
U.S. Farm Policy and the World Trade Organization: How Do They Match Up?
Chad E. Hart, Bruce A. Babcock
[02-WP 294]

September 2001
Food Security and Agricultural Protection in South Korea
John C. Beghin, Jean-Christophe Bureau, Sung Joon Park
[01-WP 284]

June 2001
China’s Accession to the WTO: What Is at Stake for Agricultural Markets?
Frank H. Fuller, John C. Beghin, Stephane De Cara, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Cheng Fang, Holger Matthey
[01-WP 276]

May 2001
Implications of the WTO on the Redesign of U.S. Farm Policy
Chad E. Hart, Bruce A. Babcock
[01-BP 32]

September 2000
Welfare-Improving Collusion in the Japanese Pork Import Market
Jacinto F. Fabiosa
[00-WP 248]

July 1998
Impact of Chinese Accession to the World Trade Organization on U.S. Meat and Feed-Grain Producers
Frank H. Fuller, Dermot J. Hayes
[98-WP 195]

June 1992
World Commodity Prices: The Role of External Debt and Industrial Country Policies
Gordon C. Rausser, Marjorie B. Rose, Douglas A. Irwin
[90-GATT 13]

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